February 2016

AdEx Partners Annual Kick-Off 2016

The ‘Zeche Consolidation’ Location
The ‘Zeche Consolidation’ Location

Set against the impressive backdrop of the former coalmine ‘Zeche Consolidation’, AdEx Partners employees celebrated the immense success of the 2015 business year, and used this framework to officially kick-off the year 2016.

For this year’s annual kick-off – held on January 14th and 15th - the AdEx Partners employees met at the inoperative Zeche Consolidation mine in Gelsenkirchen. Since 2001 the Zeche is home to the ‘Consol Theatre’, which bears a significant responsibility for the cultural education and social interaction between people of all ages and origins. The theater has become a vibrant and successful venue with a main focus on theatre productions for children and youth.

AdEx Partners Annual Kick-Off 2016
AdEx Partners Annual Kick-Off 2016

The theater provided a highly varied general program for the kick-off, and as part of the program the 2015 financial results and the outlook and objectives for 2016 were presented. In 2015 AdEx Partners were able to build on the success of previous years and significantly improve revenue. This success is mainly due to the following factors:

  • Significant project support expansion for existing customers.
  • Customer base expansion with projects at 17 additional new customers.
  • Continual hiring of new employees.

For this new year our focus will continue to be on a healthy growth and continued expansion of our employee base – our new colleagues are already set to go in the starting blocks! Furthermore, we will strengthen our position with increasingly important topics such as SAP HANA and digitization with the appropriate experts and know-how, and to support our customers with this knowledge, our methods and processes. The first customer projects with these topics are already underway.

We, as AdEx Partners employees, would like to thank our customers for your trust and confidence in us. We look forward to supporting you in 2016 and to make your project successful.

For the organization of the kick-off our thanks go to the Consol Theater. Through the various staged productions of the theater managers we were able to connect the distinctiveness and working methods of the world of theater with our kick-off, and to create a bond with such an unusual venue.

If you would like to know more about the Consol Theater and its current events we recommend you to visit the following website: www.consoltheater.de.

Consol Theater Gelsenkirchen

AdEx Partners supports Fresenius Medical Care as Quality Advisor

January 2016

AdEx Partners supports Fresenius Medical Care as Quality Advisor


Fresenius Medical Care ($15,8 billion in revenue, 100.000 Employees) is the leading global products and services provider for patients with chronic kidney failure. Worldwide more than 2,6 million patients undergo a regular dialysis Treatment.


Fresenius Medical Care has initiated a Business Transformations Program, which – based on an SAP template - aimed to globally harmonize the business processes and master data. Within the framework of this complex program AdEx Partners was retained for the duration of the project as external quality advisor to ensure the application of best practice standards for the global SAP template implementation.


Added Value & Approach
Through the use of standardized assessment methods (e.g. PMO Maturity Assessment, Project Health Check, Go-Live Readiness Assessment) AdEx Partners identified improvement potential in the governance structures, provided concrete proposals and managed the implementation of these measures (e.g. transformation/change of the program organization, strengthening and alignment of the Program Management Offices). The additional implementation of functional “Deep Dives” contributed to improved SAP template quality while reducing complexity.


“For the accompanying quality assurance program of our global ERP transformation we decided for AdEx Partners. The experience, competence, and professionalism of the AdEx consultants convinced us. AdEx Partners not only highlights the improvement potential; they also support with its implementation.”


Thomas Dimt
Fresenius Medical Care Deutschland GmbH
Executive Vice President Commercial Services EMEA

December 2015

AdEx Partners supports Childaid Network

AdEx Partners supports Childaid Network
AdEx Partners supports Childaid Network - © Childaid Network

In the course of this year’s Christmas campaign AdEx partners made a donation to Childaid Network to support 400 six-month scholarships for girls who were born in a refugee camp in Assam. Childaid Network supports thousands of children there that are victims of violence, forced migration and discrimination. Education is the best investment to fight poverty and disease. Every additional year of primary school education extend the life of a woman by two to three years – as shown by studies of the UN. Refugee children require our special attention, ideally close to their native areas.

Childaid Network - A charity for children

Childaid Network was started in 2007 by Dr. Brigitta Cladders and Dr. Martin Kasper. The couple started the organization off with a capital contribution from their own funds. It is our vision to contribute to a better future for children in need. To do this we want to mobilize a network and collaborate with many other like-minded supporters. We are very pleased that we were able to inspire and encourage so many others. Our charity has become a small movement already involving many and impacting more.

What is important to us?

  • We support the poorest of the poor.
  • We help regardless of peoples’ origin, sex or religious beliefs.
  • We mobilize energy, talent and networks in the project regions.
  • We work with a network of competent partners here and abroad.
  • We attend personally to the projects and visit them often.
  • We measure the effects of our support and continuously make improvements.

A foundation is there forever. However, already in a single generation we can jointly reach the goal that all of the children in the world can get a basic primary school education and thus lay the foundation for a life of independence.

If you want to learn more about these projects, please visit www.childaid.net.

AdEx Partners supports Childaid Network
© Childaid Network

October 2015

Opening of Swiss Offices in Zug

Opening of Swiss Offices in Zug
Opening of Swiss Offices in Zug - © AdEx Partners

In October 2015 AdEx Partners established its first international offices in the Swiss city of Zug. The selection of Zug as the location for the first office outside of Germany was mainly driven by the increase in both the number of projects and the demand for AdEx partners service portfolio in Switzerland. Customers in the fields of pharmaceuticals and manufacturing form a solid basis for us to increase our activity on the Swiss market.

During the summer months the legal and logistical aspects of the office in Zug were taken of, followed by the official opening on October 27th. Besides the permanent employees of the Zug office several other colleagues also attended the opening in Zug.

Stefan Rieder and Ferdinand Weiß, both partners with AdEx Partners, kicked off the office opening celebrations. We are delighted to be even closer to our Swiss customers, and look forward to successful and exciting collaboration for current and future projects.


July 2015

The business workshop at the AdEx summer event was focused on Digital Transformation. As the keynote we successfully engaged the leading business speaker for Digital Transformation and Leadership, Dr. Willms Buhse.

Dr. Willms Buhse
Dr. Willms Buhse - © AdEx Partners

We had intensive discussions about Digital Transformation, inspired by Mr. Buhse’s keynote speech about the implications of new technologies, triggering transformation of customers to Internet suppliers and the question of what this means for concepts such as Industry 4.0.

  • What does Digital Transformation mean for our customers?
  • Which industries are the next ones to undergo revolutionary change?
  • How can affected companies face the challenges?
  • How do they have to change their business model to survive in changing markets?
  • How and where can initial business contacts be made and how will added value be generated?
Dr. Willms Buhse
Dr. Willms Buhse - © AdEx Partners

For many of the heavily discussed questions there was one obvious answer: whichever answer a single company gets, it must be defined and quickly implemented to make the digital transformation successful. That’s why AdEx Partners and Dr. Willms Buhse, together with his company doubleYUU (founded in 2009), will jointly assist customers in their digital transformation.

Together we seamlessly support our customers in their digital transformation. We cover the entire cycle of digital transformation from the first impulse through to the cultural and organizational changes up to adaptation of the business model and the management of large business process and IT projects. The digital expertise provided by doubleYUU and the process and IT competencies of AdEx Partners complement each other.