AdEx Partners supports LANXESS in implementing a global Identity Management System

August 2017

AdEx Partners supports LANXESS in implementing a global Identity Management System


LANXESS is a leading specialty chemicals company with sales of EUR 7.7 billion in 2016 and about 19,200 employees in 25 countries. The company is currently represented at 75 production sites worldwide. The core business of LANXESS is the development, manufacturing and marketing of chemical intermediates, additives, specialty chemicals and plastics.


LANXESS has initiated an IT transformation project to implement an Identity Management System. In addition to replacing a user management system that was functionally no longer adequate, the goal was also to improve the central administration of user accounts in compliance with IT security standards. AdEx Partners was commissioned to lead the project.


Value Realisation & Approach
After a pre-project to document the requirements for a new Identity Management System, AdEx Partners has played a key role in conducting a software selection process for LANXESS. AdEx Partners also successfully implemented the project with a heterogeneous team of HR, infrastructure and external partners, so that user administration for the global LANXESS HR processes (such as new hire, termination, organizational change) are now supported automatically.


“AdEx Partners has managed the project very well and helped us in the successful go live of the IDM solution. An excellent “can-do” attitude and passion shown by AdEx Partners involved the project. AdEx Partners was very flexible and quick in responding to challenges arising in the project and also adapted their role accordingly!”


Ravindra Hegde
LANXESS Deutschland GmbH
Head of Identity Management Solutions


June 2017

AdEx @ HPI
AdEx @ HPI

AdEx Partners attends the HPI School of Design Thinking

Between the 31st of May and 2nd of June 2017, seventeen AdEx colleagues attended a Design Thinking course at the HPI (Hasso-Plattner-Institute) to deep dive into the Design Thinking methodology. Design Thinking has gained special significance over the past years, when it comes to a user-friendly design of products, systems, and processes. The end user is a very important factor: after a long-term tradition of engineering for months behind closed doors, while hoping for the goodwill of the user once he is presented the result, Design Thinking targets to involve the end user as early as possible into the creation process. At the end, the user shall be satisfied with the result.

A practical Question to quickly switch from Theory to Practice

The approach to the methodology was determined by the question, how our clients can gain a competitive advantage through the course of digitalization. We elaborated potential challenges which could be faced by decision makers in companies these days.
At the end, we presented three very different prototypes, which were well-regarded by all participants.

Understanding Problems instead of focusing on Solutions

It lies probably in most consultants’ genes to present solutions as early as possible. This enthusiasm needs to be tamed while applying the Design Thinking methodology. First, it is important to understand the problem. One possible approach is finding analogies to other areas of business. Obviously, it does not take much to steer our sometimes well-conditioned brain into a different direction to unleash innovative ideas. To allow all possible ideas is one of the major aspects of Design Thinking. A particular idea might sound very absurd: even if it is not put into practice, it will be a great inspiration for further ideas.

A Prototype lets the User experience the Idea

Once the teams agreed on one idea, the practical part began: building a prototype. The main goal of the prototype is to let the user experience the innovation.
We designed a 3D-printer for spare parts, to support the purchasing department which is under cost cutting pressure. Another team built an interactive dashboard, to explain agile product development to a CFO who is used to fixed cost projects. When the prototype did not appeal to the user, the prototype was adjusted or completely redesigned. Design Thinking fosters this procedure.

Conclusion: highly recommended

After these three days, we went home with a whole lot of good ideas. Moreover, we were inspired and given a tool set which we can be used on a daily basis to help our clients: help them to break out of thinking patterns and to generate new ideas to be successful – especially in regards to the digitalization of their business models.
Based on the extraordinary feedback of all participants, AdEx Partners will hold another Design Thinking course at the HPI in autumn 2017 for further AdEx colleagues to refresh and learn the Design Thinking methodology.



HPI School of Design Thinking

Why Tom Kelley of IDEO is the ultimate disciple of Design Thinking

AdEx Partners supports AGCO to safeguard the deployment of SAP in French Roll-Out

May 2017

AdEx Partners supports AGCO to safeguard the deployment of SAP in French Roll-Out


AGCO is a global player in agricultural solution (~20.000 employees, ~7.5 billion sales, 3rd biggest company on the market). Through well-known brands including Challenger®, Fendt®, GSI®, Massey Ferguson® and Valtra®, AGCO Corporation delivers agricultural solutions to farmers worldwide through a full line of tractors, combine harvesters, hay and forage equipment, seeding and tillage implements, grain storage and protein production systems, as well as replacement parts.


The current SAP template solution was planned to be rolled out to the French production site within 2016. This deployment was seen as important to proof the further usability of the existing solution. As the project had an overall delay of round about 3-4 Month, the management decided to exchange various roles in the project organization and asked AdEx to ensure a go live latest 01.01.2017.


Value Realisation & Approach
AdEx Partners took over the responsibility for the Project Lead, as well as Migration, Cutover and Hypercare. The methodology existing was adjusted to the projects real needs, and the project organization streamlined. Delivering projects according to the business value is key to success, and AdEx established a path for AGCO to stepwise use ready developed functions, and ensure a save overall go live with a shortened Hypercare-Phase thereafter. The project was delivered in time and budget, and production started without losses.


“For the turnaround of the most important IT project in 2016, we decided to engage AdEx Partners. Their consultants and partners convinced us with professionalism , competence and job experience. AdEx Partners supports not only the projects in time delivery, they highlighted improvement potential also.”


Daniel Zapf
Director, IT EME & Enterprise Application Services (EAS)


April 2017

AdEx Partners wins the “Great Place to Work” award through excellent employee feedback

Great Place to Work logo
© Great Place to Work

Experienced employees with in-depth expertise in their field of work, combined with individual focus topics and strengths build the foundation for success at AdEx Partners. Motivation, and the opportunity for active participation and individual growth are central building blocks to win and retain the best employees.

AdEx Partners is a 'Great Place to Work'
AdEx Partners is a "Great Place to Work"

Strong employee growth over the last years led AdEx Partners to participate in the Great Place to Work® study for the Consulting industry. In this survey aspects such as a sense of belonging, job satisfaction, trust and potential areas for improvement are evaluated anonymously and scientifically by an independent institute. In this way a best-in-class level of employee satisfaction is maintained, even with a growing number of employees, and measures can be put in place to optimize employee satisfaction.

The feedback has been resounding: AdEx Partners is proud to have received excellent feedback in all categories of the evaluation – employees especially commended the team spirit, and expressed a sense of pride working for AdEx Partners.

Those companies assessed as ‘significantly above the benchmark of comparable companies’ demonstrated management skills that included employees in important decisions, recognition of achievements, and respecting commitments. Topics such as work-life-balance and compensation were also graded with top marks.

In all the evaluated categories AdEx Partners achieved results above the market benchmark. Yet this alone does not satisfy the AdEx Partners Management Team; feedback and suggestions for optimization will now be analyzed and identified actions will be realized.

The results are a source of motivation for AdEx Partners to continue creating a framework within which motivated employees can perform to their best abilities for their clients and projects. So that at the end of each day, projects, clients, the employees themselves, and AdEx Partners can be more successful than before.


January 2017

Starting the Fiscal Year with 2017 with Horsepower

Motorworld Böblingen
Motoworld Böblingen

Backed with a great deal of horsepower AdEx Partners launched its 2017 fiscal year at the Böblingen Motorworld. In addition to the annual kick-off, the outstanding results of the 2016 financial year were celebrated.

For this year’s kick-off the AdEx Partners employees met at the Böblingen Motorworld on 26th and 27th of January. The Motorworld, in which luxury cars from a range of manufacturers and old-timers are restored and sold, offers individuals the unique opportunity to experience these “special” vehicles, and also displays these to a wide and public audience.

During these two days speed, horsepower and the smell of fuel were omnipresent and offered both an impressive atmosphere and an appropriate metaphor for the successfully completed financial year and for setting the 2017 goals.

As in the previous year, in 2016 AdEx Partners was able to significantly increase revenue. This success was achieved in particular due to the following factors:

  • Significant expansion of business with existing customers.
  • Expansion of the customer base to a total of 42 customers in the year 2016.
  • Focus on quality, relevance and current issues such as SAP HANA or digitization.
  • Continuous expansion of the number of employees; there are currently over 60 colleagues.

The focus for the 2017 fiscal year is on healthy growth, strengthening of internal structures and the further expansion of the employee base. The search for highly qualified employees that are a good fit to both AdEx Partners and its clients will continue to be the basis for growth and business success.

AdEx Partners will also strengthen the topic areas of SAP HANA and digitization - two topics in which AdEx Partners are already in strong demand due to their consulting expertise and independence - with additional employees and experts.

On behalf of the entire AdEx Partners staff we would like to take this opportunity to thank our clients for their trust in us. We look forward to supporting you in 2017, and to support you in making your projects successful.


December 2016

Education as AdEx Partners Christmas gift – an Investment never lost

AdEx Partners unterstützt Childaid Network
AdEx Partners supports Childaid Network - © Childaid Network

Meanwhile it is a good AdEx Partners tradition to make a donation as part of the yearly Christmas greetings. As we already did for Christmas 2015 also this year we support the Childaid Network, a charity organization taking care of children and young adults in need.

This year we help in the name of our clients with training of teachers in remote mountain districts of Nepal to improve school quality. Although most children in Nepal now go to school, the educational success is still low. Our multi-level training for teachers makes them more effective while teaching heterogeneous classes. As a result, children will be much better prepared to get quality jobs in the region.

Childaid Network - A charity for children

Childaid Network was started in 2007 by Dr. Brigitta Cladders and Dr. Martin Kasper. The couple started the organization off with a capital contribution from their own funds. It is their vision to contribute to a better future for children in need. To do this they want to mobilize a network and collaborate with many other like-minded supporters. They are very pleased that they were able to inspire and encourage so many others. Their charity has become a small movement already involving many and impacting more.

What is important to Childaid Network?

  • Support the poorest of the poor.
  • Help regardless of peoples’ origin, sex or religious beliefs.
  • Mobilize energy, talent and networks in the project regions.
  • Work with a network of competent partners here and abroad.
  • Attend personally to the projects and visit them often.
  • Measure the effects of our support and continuously make improvements.

A foundation is there forever. However, already in a single generation we can jointly reach the goal that all of the children in the world can get a basic primary school education and thus lay the foundation for a life of independence.

If you want to learn more about these projects, please visit

AdEx Partners supports Childaid Network
© Childaid Network

AdEx Partners supports Etex to define the Digitalization and Application Strategy

October 2016

AdEx Partners supports Etex to define the Digitalization and Application Strategy


Etex (3.054 Mio Eur revenue, 17.000 employees, 99 companies in 42 countries) is global player in the construction industry to deliver „inspiring ways of living“ with their product portfolio in cladding, roofing, fire protection and ceramic tiles. Etex strives to be the innovative leader in sustainable and affordable building solutions.


The global trends in construction industry (faster innovation and a greater focus on sustainability, low-energy buildings, and faster construction methods), require Etex to prepare the IT organization and the applications to support the business with optimal solutions. Therefore the application portfolio needs to be optimized for an optimal business fit enabling Etex business to drive their digitalization strategy.


Added Value & Approach
With the application strategy assessment AdEx Partners has defined a 5 years roadmap to modernize the portfolio of Etex Group IT and to enable the organization delivering projects according to the business value. Establishing a path for Etex Digitalization strategy to increase customer experience is a fundamental part of this IT journey.


“With the definition of the application roadmap and digitalization strategy AdEx Partners has laid the foundation for the future development of the Etex IT. Due to the very high level of professionalism and expertise, we have been convinced from the outset, to celebrate this important step with the right partner.”


Dirk Altgassen
SA Etex NV
Group CIO

August 2016

AdEx International branch office established in Vienna

AdEx location Vienna
AdEx Location Vienna

© OpenStreetMap

At the end of August AdEx Partners established another international branch office in Vienna, and the company is now fully represented in the DACH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) region.

In close proximity to the Opera House, an optimal location in terms of logistical connectivity was found. During the summer months all the legal aspects were taken care of, and at the end of August the office was officially opened. We were also able to welcome some of our first colleagues in Austria.

International location Vienna
International location Vienna

License: CC BY-SA 3.0

Customers in the banking and insurance sectors as well as in the energy sector form a strong basis for our presence on the Austrian market and are the foundation for our planned growth.

We are now even closer to our Austrian customers and look forward to a successful and exciting cooperation for future projects. Further contact and location details you find under Contact.


June 2016

AdEx Partners Summer Party 2016

Oldtown of Dresden
Oldtown of Dresden

This year’s AdEx Partners Summer Party took place in Dresden from June 24th – 26th. Enjoying splendid weather, this year’s focus was again on families. Many activities including a tour on the 130-year old “Diesbar”, a typical Elbdampfer boat, a ‘behind the scenes’ visit to the zoo, a Trabi Safari, and a city tour through the old town of Dresden were organized for the families. Whilst the little ones were kept occupied with a busy kids program, the adults had a great time exploring the city of Dresden from above with the help of drones and ‘virtual reality’ glasses – all enjoyed from the Elb river banks.

On the
On the "Diesbar", Kids Program, Dinner, and at the Dresden Zoo

Besides the current employees and their families, also those employees who will join AdEx in September and October were invited to attend together with their families. This offered everyone the opportunity to get to know each other. And with just over 100 participants the AdEx Summer Party has reached a truly impressive stature.

The AdEx Partners management team also used the occasion to report on the positive business results of the first half-year of 2016. In line with the start of 2016, turnover in all business areas grew (please also see the article AdEx Partners Annual Kick-Off 2016). The favorable development in terms of the number of employees and in the acquisition of new projects for both existing and new clients also positively contributed to these results.


May 2016

AdEx Partners is moving into new office space

AdEx Partners Office Hamburg

A lot more space, but no change of address. Those are the most important facts regarding the move of AdEx Partners into new office space at Flachsland 12 in Hamburg.

As the number of AdEx Partners employees almost doubled the last year it became apparent that larger office space was needed. Increasing number of employees and a steadily growing amount of customer projects both require proper space. To meet these requirements AdEx Partners has also strengthened its internal support teams such as HR management.

Meeting and training room

And the growth continues: within a year the number of employees will grow to approximately 60 people, all of whom contribute to successful customer projects.

Apart from working space for administrative and management functions, the new office also offers a so-called “Open Space“ area – an open working space. At the core of this area is a large and informally designed meeting room where internal employee trainings as well as customer presentations can be held.

The terrace, directly on the Osterbek channel side, provides a unique space for having breaks and to develop business strategies. As soon as the last administrative and technical work is completed AdEx Partners will invite customers and partners to a formal opening celebration. Invitations and more detailed information will be made available at a later date.


March 2016

AdEx Partners take part in the SAP HANA Conference 2016 in Las Vegas

To provide participating companies with an insight into the latest developments and plans regarding SAP HANA, this year’s SAP HANA Conference took place in Las Vegas from February 15th to 19th. In addition to the general topics, the SAP HANA Conference offers a unique opportunity for direct information exchange with various experts and to discuss current issues ranging from ongoing or completed SAP HANA and SAP BI projects.

Las Vegas Conference 2016
Conference preparations

As in previous years, three participants who are responsible for the strategic direction, concepts and technical issues relating to SAP HANA and Business Intelligence in companies, represented AdEx Partners.

SAP HANA is an important core topic for most of the AdEx Partners customers. AdEx supports its clients as a consultant in questions regarding architecture, the set up of projects, and the selection of suitable service providers. Management and implementation project support round out the AdEx competencies in this area. The participation of AdEx Partners at the SAP HANA Conference will offer clients benefits through newly acquired insights, experience, and the constantly growing competencies of AdEx consultants in the fields of SAP HANA and Business Intelligence. In addition to the range of training and information sessions, the Conference is an ideal platform for dialogue, discussions, and network development.

At AdEx Partners, Trusted Advisory means that clients are guided and supported during important issues and decisions, and that projects are completed successfully in tandem with the client. The continuous development of AdEx employees in such relevant areas as SAP HANA is a key priority for us so that we maintain at the forefront of the agile field of information technology.

The first SAP HANA projects implemented with support from AdEx Partners are currently underway or have been completed successfully. An example of the latter is the conversion of an Oracle database SAP system to SAP HANA technology. In this particular project a processing performance increase of approximately 500% was achieved. With these types of projects AdEx Partners leverages its expertise gained from AdEx’s own SAP HANA system.

For questions regarding SAP HANA and BI please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to advise you on these topics, and look forward to making your SAP HANA project a success.