December 2019

AdEx Partners awarded in the category "Strategy" as part of "Best of Consulting" of WirtschaftsWoche

Best of Consulting 2019
Best of Consulting 2019

We are very pleased to have been awarded in the category "Strategy" on the 3rd of December in the ranking "Best of Consulting" of WirtschaftsWoche. Especially since the decision of the high-caliber jury with representatives from business, research and media was based on the input provided by the clients of the respective consulting companies. For AdEx Partners, this award is another great success, having already reached the number one position in the digitization category last year.

This year we applied in the category "Strategy" with the focus on "Strategic Program Management". In particular, the successful realignment and prioritization of the project portfolio as well as the introduction of new structures and processes at our customer, a provider of automation solutions, were decisive. In addition to the improvement of project management, the work of all project participants through training with practical tasks has been considerably simplified. In addition, the new project management methodology (including templates, tools, etc.) was made available to all employees via a central knowledge platform.

We are very pleased about the award and understand it as a confirmation of our holistic approach, which aims at assessment, conception, piloting and roll-out as well as coaching and change management. Together with our client, we succeeded in anchoring project management thinking in the organization in a sustainable manner, establishing interdisciplinary cooperation and enabling the personal development of individual employees.

July 2019

AdEx Partners as Ambassador of Besi & Friends Foundation at 24h Rad am Ring

AdEx at
Bild: ©RadAmRing / Sportograf

Dear business partners and colleagues - A cycling enthusiastic team from AdEx Partners will meet the challenge. On July 27/28, at the 24 Hour Cycle Race on the Nürburgring to drive as far as possible. We will participate as part of the Besi & Friends foundation. Andreas "Besi" Beseler is ill with MS and has been involved since 2013 in patients with similar clinical pictures. The Foundation Besi & Friends was founded in early 2019 with the goal of helping people with nervous system disorders (such as MS, paraplegia and ALS) as well as immune diseases (such as rheumatism, diabetes or Crohn's disease). More information can be found here . If you like us want to support Besi & Friends, you can do this for example by donating one Euro amount per round that our team creates in the 24h. Our ambassador page with all the info you'll find here . We look forward to your fingers crossed for the 24h race and our commitment to Besi & Friends support.

July 2019

AdEx Partners is strengthening its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities

AdEx Partners is strengthening its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities. In an "AdEx Digital Bootcamp" in September 2019, we want to help social entrepreneurs with entrepreneurial spirit tackle social issues by solving digital, IT and strategy issues.

AdEx Partners is strengthening its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities
AdEx Partners is strengthening its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities

June 2019

AdEx Partners summer event 2019

AdEx Family Event 2019

Accompanied by a great supporting program, we celebrated this year's AdEx Partners summer party from June 21-23. This year, the summer festival, which traditionally focuses on the families of employees, took place in and around the Grand Hotel Bristol on Lake Maggiore.

After a nice dinner with show and music on Friday evening, the focus on Saturday was on games, fun and an attractive activity program. In an aqua and amusement park on the shores of Lake Maggiore we could choose between various activities such as climbing or just enjoy the day by the pool or the beach. On Sunday, various excursions such as boat trips, hiking, cycling or children's programs were in the foreground. Throughout the weekend, our kids had fun with the entertainment program, which had something to offer for all ages.

The highlight of the Saturday evening was in addition to a raffle, the revenue of which, like last year, benefit an orphanage, certainly fireworks with musical accompaniment.

In addition to the leisure program, our partnership was also able to present outstanding business figures on Saturday morning. In addition, some employees were happy about their promotions traditionally announced during the kick-off and the summer party.

The joy was great to meet many acquaintances and friends again. There was also the opportunity to meet the new colleagues with their families. And with just over 320 participants, the growth of AdEx Partners will be recognized year after year, especially at the AdEx Summer Festival.

We are already looking forward to the summer festival 2020.

June 2019

AdEx Partners opens office in Dusseldorf

We have opened a new office in Dusseldorf. The location is characterized by its proximity to the airport. The opening of the office is also due to the increased number of customers in the region.

AdEx Partners opens office in Düsseldorf
AdEx Partners opens office in Düsseldorf

March 2019

AdEx Partners honored for the third time as Great Place to Work

Yes, we made it to become one of the best employers in Germany! Grateful and happy to share it with you: our clients, prospects, current and future employees! We thank you for the collaboration and great engagement, because this is our third GPTW award in sequence. We are looking forward to working even harder to stay every day a great place work for and with you… For more information, pls have a look here.
You wish to experience our company yourself: AdEx Partners Careers.

AdEx Partners ist Great Place to Work
AdEx Partners ist Great Place to Work

February 2019

Shaping the digital future with AdEx Solutions

Focusing on the areas of Technology Transformation, Cloud Computing, Collaboration tools, adoption of Artificial Intelligence, Rapid Prototyping, Big Data Platforms and Cloud Security, AdEx Solutions is the technical domain of AdEx Partners since 1 February 2019 and supports our Clients in their technology journey towards a digital future. AdEx Solutions will enable us to respond much more efficiently and specifically to the continually growing number of projects that require in-depth technical skills. AdEx Solutions’ area of business should by no means be seen as being separate from the typical “trusted advisory” approach, but rather constitutes an outstanding addition to it.

AdEx Solutions Serviceportfolio
AdEx Solutions Serviceportfolio


AdEx Solutions enables us to support and help shape the entire digital transformation – from the assessment phase to the technological implementation of our clients. With our experience and enthusiasm for contemporary and, above all, future digital topics, we provide our clients with support in overcoming these challenges. Get to know the team of technology enthusiasts at AdEx Solutions. The right mixture of technology consultants, digital natives and lateral thinkers.

December 2018

We sponsor education

AdEx Partners supports the Childaid Network
Education for children in Bangladesh

As in previous years, AdEx Partners will be supporting a charity along with sending out our Christmas greetings. In 2018 we will continue our tradition of donating to the Childaid Network. Childaid Network is a charitable organisation which supports needy children and youth. In doing so, AdEx Partners is both recognising and demonstrating its responsibility to society and to demonstrate Corporate Social Responsibility.

In cooperation with Childaid Network we will sponsor a project in Bangladesh this year. With strong, experienced partners, we aim to help 18,000 children from extremely poor families in 60 schools to gain access to quality preschool and primary education in northern Bangladesh. We accompany these schools intensively with social workers and help with the acquisition of learning materials and books. We provide training for teachers designed to improve the quality of teaching and strengthen teachers‘ dedication. The German ministry for economical cooperation and development quadruples our contribution.

Childaid Network - A charity for children

Childaid Network was started in 2007 by Dr. Brigitta Cladders and Dr. Martin Kasper. The couple started the organization off with a capital contribution from their own funds. It is their vision to contribute to a better future for children in need. To do this they want to mobilize a network and collaborate with many other like-minded supporters. They are very pleased that they were able to inspire and encourage so many others. Their charity has become a small but also powerful movement already involving many and impacting more.

What is important to Childaid Network?

  • Support the poorest of the poor.
  • Help regardless of peoples’ origin, sex or religious beliefs.
  • Mobilize energy, talent and networks in the project regions.
  • Work with a network of competent partners here and abroad.
  • Attend personally to the projects and visit them often.
  • Measure the effects of our support and continuously make improvements.

A foundation is there forever. However, already in a single generation we can jointly reach the goal that all of the children in the world can get a basic primary school education and thus lay the foundation for a life of independence.

If you want to learn more about these projects, please visit you and we wish you a peaceful and joyful Christmas and New Year!

AdEx Partners supports Childaid Network
© Childaid Network

November 2018

AdEx Partners #bestofconsulting 2018 in 'Digitalization' category

Now in its 10th year, German weekly business news magazine ‘WirtschaftsWoche’ has once again presented its annual ‘Best of Consulting’ awards. This is the first year in which AdEx Partners has participated in the awards, which makes it all the more fantastic for us to have been awarded 1st prize in the ‘Digitalization’ category. A major achievement for our young company, our employees, and our customers alike!

AdEx Partners #bestofconsulting 2018 in 'Digitalization' category
AdEx Partners #bestofconsulting 2018 in 'Digitalization' category


In particular, it is our innovative approach to integrating and establishing cross-functional agile methods within the traditional setup of a large corporation that won us the award. The basis for our success: Cooperation with the customer based on trust, the perfect mix of a digital mindset and wealth of operating model experience within the team, and the direct involvement of our consultants in the operational implementation with the customer. All this facilitates a prompt response to challenges, as well as the implementation of agile methods and the necessary cultural shift.

We are delighted that our customer-centric approach – ‘We make digital work’ – not only proves successful for the customer, but has also gained us such great recognition.

September 2018

AdEx Partners – Volunteering for the Volunteer-Based Organization
Honored with award at Future Congress of the Tafel Deutschland e.V.

On September 28, the Minister for Family Affairs and patron of the food bank association Tafel Deutschland e.V. – Dr. Franziska Giffey – presented the “Tafel Teller” award to the AdEx Partners at the Future Congress Zukunftskongress on the occasion of Tafel Deutschland e.V.’s 25th anniversary. An award that we accepted with gratitude and great respect.

AdEx Partners – Volunteering for the Volunteer-Based Organization
AdEx Partners is presented with the “Tafel Teller” award


AdEx Partners – Volunteering for the Volunteer-Based Organization

The Tafel Deutschland e.V. accomplishes great feats every day with more than 900 distribution points and – for the most part – around 60,000 volunteers spread throughout the Federal Republic of Germany.

High-quality food from retailers and wholesalers which would otherwise be thrown away is collected by the food banks and distributed to people in need. By doing this, the food banks also simultaneously promote the topic of sustainability and the reduction of food waste. Social exchange and human interaction is practiced and promoted to a large extent with this work.

AdEx Partners – Volunteering for the Volunteer-Based Organization

As a challenge and chance for the whole of society, the topic of digitization doesn’t just stopat the doors of the food bank. With the help of digital processes and technologies, the food banks should be able to take better care of the people who rely on the help of the food banks. Salvage more food and distribute it even more efficiently – that’s the maxim of the digitalization project.

AdEx Partners has actively been helping the foodbanks work on this topic for around one year now. We work on a pro bono basis, providing the Federal Association of Food Banks as well as regional and local food banks with both our expertise in the area of digitization as well as knowledge on how to approach and manage complex projects in general.

August 2018

AdEx Partners donates to the Münchner Waisenhaus orphanage

A raffle was held as part of this year’s AdEx Partners Summer Fest on Majorca. All kinds of equipment used during the weekend were given out as prizes for the raffle. In the end, we collected a total of 4050 euros and are very delighted to have donated this amount to the Münchner Waisenhaus orphanage. This donation drive underscores our commitment to social causes and the importance of social responsibility.

AdEx Partners donates to the Münchner Waisenhaus orphanage

Juli 2018

AdEx Partners Summer Fest 2018

Accompanied by a fantastic program, this year’s AdEx Partners Summer Fest took place from June 15 to 17 in stunning weather at the beautiful “Blau Porto Petro Beach Resort” on Mallorca. Following the tradition of previous years, families continued to be at the core of this year’s event.

After a wonderful barbecue party on the beach of Porto Petro on Friday evening, the focus shifted to games, fun and an attractive activity program on Saturday. Besides various pool activities, attendees were able to engage in sports, such as stand-up paddling and kayaking, or simply relax under the Spanish sun. On Sunday, the participants got the chance to ride on a glass-bottom boat or go on the bike tour to explore the nature and the local surroundings.

Everyone not only had a great deal of fun catching up with friends and acquaintances, but also had to opportunity to get to know new colleagues and their families. With slightly more than 260 participants, the AdEx Summer Fest highlighted the growth of AdEx Partners year after year.

AdEx Family Event

July 2018

Female Empowering@AdEx

On 8 March 2018 was the World Women's Day again. On this occasion we participated in an event in the technology environment in 2017 where there was a cross-industry discussion on how digital innovation can improve women's career opportunities and what the "female factor" in digital transformation means. After that, it became clear that there will be room and time for a women-specific event this year as well. Therefore, we met on June 29 in an inspiring workshop room in a Munich backyard and were guided through the topics by a professional trainer. On the one hand, we have worked out our own brand, learned what the differences of masculine and feminine communication are and are dedicated to self-empowerment. In addition, we have addressed many internal issues relating to networking and female strategy and discussed this constructively. Ultimately, we all left the workshop with new insights into ourselves and the organization's playing field, ideas for AdEx development and stronger networking.

Female Empowering@AdEx

April 2018

Spherity and AdEx Partners work together on IoT and Blockchain!

Spherity and AdEx Partners have closed a cooperation to work together on IoT, Blockchain, Digital Twins and Cryptography technology.

Spherity is a young startup company founded in November 2017. Spherity is developing a decentralized Blockchain Identity and Digital Twins infrastructure to enable secure exchange of data between people, devices, software or machines without middlemen. Spherity has already successfully implemented projects in various industries.

AdEx Partners is a management and technology consulting firm serving its clients as trusted advisor in e.g. digital transformation, which includes the areas of strategy, processes, technology, control and change management.

By pooling experience, Spherity and AdEx Partners want to make customers more successful in exploiting the potential of digitization.

Spherity and AdEx Partners work together on IoT and Blockchain!


Spherity GmbH
Dr. Carsten Stöcker, Founder, CEO
Chausseestrasse 19
10115 Berlin
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

AdEx Partners
Claus Winand, Partner
Flachsland 12
22083 Hamburg
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

April 2018

AdEx "Digital Challenge"

Digital Challenage 2018

The impact of digital transformation and the challenges going along with it are intensively discussed at AdEx Partnes. How could our client‘s next generation of innovative products and prospective business models look like? How can we help our clients to be more agile, in order to react to new market demands and changing customer needs more rapidly and in a highly effective fashion?

For these purposes we’ve hosted our first digital event on March 23 in a beautiful rooftop loft in Munich. Together with „digital minds“ from very different areas we exchanged our experiences on those areas. Representatives from other consulting companies joined us at a round table as well as experts from marketing agencies, organisational consulting and change managers, startup people who break new grounds on fully remote collaboration, vintage bankers and systemic coaches.

Digital Challenage 2018

I became appareant quite early that digitalisation not only means strong economic changes, but also extensive social upheavals. In this context we discussed about future working models, the impact of digital collaboration on our work-life balance and our social relationships and the future importance of knowledge itsself.

March 2018

AdEx Partners is delighted with the excellent employee feedback: we have been ranked in the top 10 of our size within the best 100 employers in Germany

Great Place to Work 2018

Once again this year, AdEx Partners took part in the Great Place to Work® competition. Last year AdEx Partners achieved top marks in all of the categories under review, and again this year this excellent feedback lifted us into the top 10 of the best companies of our size. The employees mentioned in particular the team spirit at AdEx Partners and described their feeling of pride working for and with AdEx Partners.

AdEx Partners does not intend to rest on its laurels. Especially in periods of strong growth and with a diverse range of customer project assignments all over Europe, it is important to ensure that both "old" and "new" employees alike continue to feel at ease, at home and in the right place with AdEx Partners. Our aim with colleagues across all levels and disciplines is a long-term collaboration as an orchestrated team.

Once again, we are delighted with the excellent results and insightful feedback: this year, our employees have placed us on the "podium" of the 10 top employers in Germany of our size - and of this, as a young and dynamically growing company, we are more than proud.

Great Place to Work 2018
AdEx Partners receives the GPTW award on March 15th in Berlin

Just like last year, AdEx Partners scored well above the market benchmark in all of the categories under review. We were even able to improve in key areas, such as involvement in decisions, availability of training and development programs, or the integration of new recruits.

Our employees also found it very positive that we proactively implement their individual suggestions for making AdEx Partners an "even better place to work" – for example, we currently have flexible programs for health management and work / life balance that every employee can use.

These results are an incentive for AdEx Partners to continue creating a framework within which motivated employees can give, each and every day, their best to our customers and their projects. Helping projects, customers, themselves and AdEx Partners to become more successful day-on-day.


March 2018

AdEx opens new doors: our new career portal

AdEx Career Portal
AdEx Career Portal

Founded in 2012 and since then accompanied by massive growth: The AdEx success story doesn’t end. While we’ve been celebrating a legendary Kick Off at Jochen Schweizer Arena in Munich in the beginning of February and got our minds vented during Body Flying in a massive wind tunnel, our developers entered the final steps in realizing our new career portal. We now can proudly announce the release!

We hope to provide an authentic insight behind the scenes of AdEx Partners for possible candidates and High Potentials as well as make it easier to get to know each other. Have a look on our new career portal via


Februar 2018

On the approach to 2018

AdEx Kick Off 2018

Driven by wind and waves, AdEx Partners embarked on the 2018 fiscal year in the Jochen Schweizer Arena in Munich. Just like in previous years, we were able to follow an action-packed kick-off event by celebrating the extremely successful conclusion to the fiscal year 2017.

To get 2018 off to a start, we gathered on February 1 and 2 in the Jochen Schweizer Arena in Munich. Besides enjoying a successful evening program, we were able to showcase and practice our flying and surfing skills in the 'body-flying' and 'citywave' events. On the Friday, Titus Dittman, a pioneer of the German skateboarding scene and a successful entrepreneur in his own right, gave his keynote speech about failure and how we can rise above it. His entertaining approach made us laugh time and time again, yet there were some reflective moments too.

AdEx Kick Off 2018

The event centered around wind and waves, elements that represent the momentum that swept us into the new 2018 fiscal year. As in the previous year, the AdEx Partnerswas able to considerably boost revenue again during the last fiscal year, putting the success largely down to the following factors:

  • Significant growth in the business with existing clients,
  • Continuous increase in the number of employees by almost 50% to the current headcount of 90,
  • Focus on relevant topics such as digitization, SAP HANA or Master Data Management,
  • Focus on new business fields and industries, such as banks and insurance institutes,
  • with an expanding training program, focus on promoting and developing employees.


AdEx Kick Off 2018

For the 2018 fiscal year too, the focus remains firmly on healthy growth, on consolidating internal structures and on further expanding the employee base. Especially the search for highly-qualified employees who fit with AdEx Partners and their clients should continue to form the basis of growth and business success.

On behalf of all AdEx Partners employees, we would like to take this opportunity to thank our clients for their confidence in us. We look forward to supporting you and helping you to make your projects successful in 2018.


January 2018

AdEx Digital Transformation Capabilities showcased in article published in Wissensmanagement – a leading Management Magazine in the German speaking region.

AdEx Digital Transformation Capabilities showcased in article published in Wissensmanagement – a leading Management Magazine in the German speaking region.

In October 2016 Dirk Altgassen, CIO of the Etex Group, commissioned the international Management Consultancy AdEx Partners to support Etex with the development and deployment of a digital roadmap. The goal was to set up solutions that would both make and maintain Etex Group as fit for the future.

The development of a road map starts with analysing the business processes to identify and assess both their deficiencies and potential. Further to this, the client is presented with a range of recommendations and clear actions, along with timelines, so that the Digitalisation Journey can get underway both incrementally and systematically. Typically, a road map is developed for a three to five-year period. AdEx Partners accompany the customer every step of the way, right into and through the initialisation and implementation of the changes.

Both the scope and magnitude of the challenges facing Etex in their Digital Transformation journey and the clear and concrete ways in which AdEx Partners is supporting and enabling the changes is described in a fascinating article, published in the Wissensmanagement magazine for business leaders. The article (in German) can be found here.